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When you plan a big affair like your wedding, a free wedding checklist planner will definitely help you stick to your low budget planning, no matter who’s paying for what parts of the event.

You can’t wait until the last minute to book everything and buy everything or you will spend thousands of dollars.

But if you start planning early enough and use a free wedding checklist planner, you’ll be able to get the best deals and maybe even have the time to do some of the projects yourself for ultimate savings.

So using a free checklist planner will definitely help you keep things in order and know when to do what, like when to order wedding favors or when to book your venues.

A free wedding checklist planner will help you decide on those things you need to book head of time versus those that can wait until a few weeks before the wedding day.

Different planners will have different schedules, but it’s best to start your own checklist at least nine months to a year before your wedding date (preferably longer if you can do it).

This is a general outline of what your checklist should include:

  1. Guest List
  2. Book your venue
  3. Book your music-DJ, Band, etc.
  4. Decide on a wedding theme
  5. Decide on wedding favors
  6. Wedding invitations
  7. Wedding cake
  8. Bridal party outfits
  9. Shoes & accessories
  10. Wedding dress
  11. Gift registries
  12. Rehearsal dinner ideas

If at all possible, you should set your wedding date for at least 6 to 12 months away so you give yourself plenty of time for the details, especially if you plan on booking popular venues, DJ services or bands that may be booking up to two years in advance.

And if you’ve had your heart set on any specific locations or entertainment and you don’t book them early enough, you may actually have to change your wedding date.

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