How to Use Wedding Favor Sayings to Personalize Your Wedding Favor Choices

Because sometimes a message is just as important as the favor, a lot of couples add wedding favor sayings to their favors by adding a tag or a little note card to the favor, or by putting a personalized label directly on the favor itself.

If favors have a special verse or saying on them, guests are more likely to keep the favors – or the favor container or wrapper if you’re giving edible favors – as a keepsake. For instance, if you give candies in little wedding favor boxes or small jars that have a saying on them, guests can reuse the boxes or jars for holding paper clips or coins.

If you give personalized candy bar wrappers with special sayings or verses on them, after the candy is eaten, the wrapper can be placed inside a scrapbook for safe keeping.

And one of the easiest ways to give customized favors with sayings on them is to give laminated bookmarks, where an entire verse of poem can be one of the favorite sayings.

Bookmarks are the perfect favors for saying something special to your guests while giving them a practical gift they can take home and use.

Other popular ways of using wedding favor sayings include using types of favors that can be personalized, for example candy bar wrappers, fortune cookies, small jars with personalized labels and laminated bookmarks.

One way to include a variety of sayings is to mix up the favors a bit. You can do this by having a few different sayings and put a different one on each favor. This will have your guests chatting about their favors and maybe even exchanging them with each other for their favorite verse.

A lot of couples are deciding to cut costs by making their homemade wedding favors. This is a great idea since homemade favors can be completely customized to match a wedding theme or simply to portray more of the couple’s personality by the types of favors they make, including writing their own special verse or saying on the favors.

But even if the couple purchases wholesale wedding favors or even favor kits to assemble, adding a personal message to the favors makes them that much more special, a little gift that guests will want to keep as a memento and not simply throw away when they get home.

Types of Favors to Use with Wedding Favor Sayings

Personalized Labels

The best types of favors that you can easily put labels on with your sayings include:

  • Laminated Bookmarks
  • Personalized candy bar wrappers
  • Plantable seed paper
  • Wine bottles
  • Glass jars or wedding favor boxes (place cookies, candies, mints, etc. inside)
  • Personalized Matchbook covers (great for placing a wrapped mint inside of!)

Personalized Tags

The types of favors below can also be packaged in a box or jar with a label on the outside. And if you’re wrapping them in an organza, tulle or cellophane wrapper, you can easily attach a tag to them with wedding favor sayings on the tags.

  • Soaps
  • Candles
  • Cookies
  • Candies
  • Cupcakes

Example of Popular Wedding Favor Sayings

We looked around on the Internet and compiled some of the more popular wedding favor sayings that couples are using. Some of these sayings can actually be found already printed on the favors if you’re purchasing the favors retail or wholesale. And if you’re making your own favors, simply print them out on a label, tag or small notecard and attach them to your choice of favors.

Wedding Favor Sayings for Cookies, Candies and Other Edibles

  • Eat, drink and be married!
  • Laugh, drink and be married!
  • Vows are Done, Time for Fun
  • Here’s wishing you sweet memories of the day you shared with us
  • You helped make our day complete; now please enjoy this treat
  • How sweet it is that you could celebrate with us

Sayings for Plantable Seed Favors

  • Love grows best in care of family and friends
  • Plant these seeds and watch our love blossom and grow
  • Our love grows on
  • Help us plant these seeds of love
  • Love in Bloom

Sayings for Scented Favors like Soaps and Candles

  • The sweet fragrance of love
  • Our love will burn forever
  • The light of our love will always burn bright
  • Love is a sweet fragrance in the air; we want to share this essence with you

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