Top 5 Never Been Seen Wedding Table Centerpieces

Decorating the tables for your wedding reception is an important part of the wedding planning. It involves putting together elegant table linens, dining sets, glasses, cutlery and flower centerpieces.

But if you find flowers a bit overrated and overused as centerpieces for weddings, you may find other types of items that make great wedding table decors.

If you wish for your guests to find unique table centerpieces during your wedding, you can look for items that are not regularly found or used as decor for special occasions such as weddings. The items should make good conversation pieces, should be interesting and should not be expensive.

Here are 5 never been seen wedding table centerpieces that you might find interesting and worth a try:

1) Wishing well for the well-wishers

You can use small wishing wells that can be found in craft stores and specialty shops such as online decorating shops. You can decorate the wishing well with some vine leaves and your motif flowers to put some life into them.

Then provide each guest a pencil with your wedding date and your names [couple’s names or surname] and lay them beside their wine glasses; these are great as keepsakes aside from the party favors of course. Provide small pieces of paper together with their pencils and these can have the color of your wedding motif.

The party host should announce that the guests write their wishes, advice or anything they want to tell the couple on the small pieces of paper. After which, the guests should put their well wishes in the small wishing well centerpieces for the couple to collect and keep after the reception party.

2) Wedding cupcakes for every table

You can have the wedding cupcakes in transparent bags so the guests can take them away after the wedding reception. Arrange them on a cake stand or you can use wine glasses as stand for a charger or platter to raise the cupcakes and to make them stand out at the center of each table.

Decorate some tea candles and flowers around them for a more elegant look. And make sure that each guest on each table has one cupcake to take away [use the number of seats per cupcake per table].

3) Chocolate-covered strawberry bouquets

Chocolate-covered strawberries are simply delectable and they make great centerpieces too. You can have them arranged like a bouquet of flowers and place them on an elegant charger or plate and put some green leaves and tea candles to make them more elegant. You can tell your guests to help themselves with the strawberries when it’s time to go home.

You can also have a junior version of these strawberry-chocolate bouquets for the kids’ tables. You can also add extra chocolate bonbons or chocolate lollies together with the strawberries.

4) A bucket of miniature wine bottles

You can use aluminium or stainless steel buckets with ice and mini wine bottles in them. Each person on the table should have one as a take-away from your wedding and these can serve as your wedding favors too.

You can save a few hundred bucks if you use your centerpiece items as your wedding favors, and wines make great wedding favors. If your table is set for 8 guests, you should have 8 mini wine bottles. And make sure you have some paper towels and bags ready for your guests when it’s time to take their favors home.

5) Breadsticks and biscotti

Many have underestimated breads, breadsticks and other baked goodies. You can have them as your centerpieces for your wedding simply because they look elegant and yummy on the tables.

Again, these are great to give away to your guests when it’s time to wrap up the party.

If you are worried about the bread becoming stale due to exposure, well, it’s only appropriate to wrap them in cling wrap before you place them on the tables. The cling wrap will protect them from becoming stale and it will be easier for your guests to take them right away.

There are other items that you can use to decorate your wedding tables. For the couple’s table, you can always use larger versions of each or a different arrangement. If the centerpieces are meant to be given away to guests, make sure that your party host will announce it before everybody goes home.

Putting centerpieces that are edible and can be taken home as favors is another way to save on the budget. You can add small thank you tags/cards for your guests. These are simple and fun to do, and you can prepare these items yourself if you have the time.

Best of all, everyone will become interested when they see the centerpieces and they’ll be excited to take them home too for remembrance.

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